Pix4d model to cesium ion

Hi, I have been trying to import a mesh model created from pix4d to cesium ion. The mesh model is in obj format which seems cannot be geo-referenced. But there is a xyz file exported with the coordinates of the mesh center. Could you please give any information about geo-referencing an obj model in cesium ion.

There is a great article that explains how georeference works in Cesium - Georeferencing 3D models for Cesium | by Emma Krantz | Terria | Medium.

When you upload your asset on Cesium ion, you’ll see a warning that “location has not been set”, click on that link and it’ll open a page where it’ll guide you georeference the model (you can click on “Adjust tileset location” as well) -

Here you can put your location information -

Hope that helps!