Rhinoceros to cesium

Hello world,

I am only a beginner, so please forgive me if this question is trivial.
I have a question about adding a cad model as an asset to Cesium Ion.

If I have a georeferenced 3D-model in Rhinoceros3D, in a known coordinate system (EPSG:25832, UTM 32).

I want to import that 3D model into cesium as an asset, and to get the geolocation right.

How can I get the placement of the 3D model correct in cesium?
Does anyone know which format is best to use when exporting from Rhino?

Looking forward to learn from someone that knows better than me.

Best regards,
Andreas K


Cesium Ion is geo-referencing aware and should support this automatically. If the detection fails or your source is not georeferenced you can manually adjust the location of the asset in Cesium ion.