Upload Model Coordinate

Hi, I am currently using Reality Capture for generate a geo-reference 3D mesh model. When I upload it to Cesium ion directly from Reality Capture, it’s align to the proper location.

However, I need to do some modification on the model which I need to export the model to Blender first, but when I export the model in obj/fbx format from Blender, it lost the geo-data. I want to ask what are the ways I can upload a exported model to Cesium and located in a accurate position?

I found that when I upload an obj file with a texture file to Cesium, it will apply the texture on the obj model. Are there method such as uploading the mesh model file, and upload a coordinate file at the same time, then it will read the coordinate then place the model in the correct position? Otherwise, are there any other ways to do it?

Thank you

The easiest way to set the location of an asset is to use the Adjust tileset location button in the user interface. Here are instructions on how to access and use Adjust tileset location. If you are using the API to upload data instead of the user interface you can also provide a position option in the POST assets call. Please see our API documentation for more details.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions about setting the location.