Place a new building on a photogrammetry tileset

Trying desperately to do something that I thought would be pretty easy –
place a model of a building (gltf) on a photogrammetry tileset. Both are uploaded to ION.
BUT---- using ion I can only position the models by eyeballing, and never to one another, only to the satellite map- which makes it impossible to align them precisely.

Or - let’s say a car exactly somewhere on a tileset of a road - how can I do that??

Ideally, I would want to do all positioning/editing in Blender and then upload to Cesium, part by part, but using the plugin means losing the positioning. Is this possible?
please helpppp :pray:


Can you please provide a detailed step-by-step of what steps you are performing for importing and positioning assets on ion. Something like the following would help understand your workflow:

  1. Import an asset into blender
  2. Edits its position

You can set positions for assets on the globe using the 3D Tiles Location Editor by either clicking on a point in the globe or by typing in lat/long/height values. This can be accessed by clicking the Adjust Tileset Location option in the asset preview window. But if this doesn’t work for your use case please provide a workflow so we understand your need better.


Thanks Ankit,
Like I mentioned in my thread - I know how to use the ‘Adjust Position’ button, but this does not get me very far if I have two assets that need to be positioned EXACTLY relative to one another…
My workflow:

  1. Produce a photogrammetry model (with RealityCapture)
  2. Import the model into Blender
  3. In Blender, add to the model (a building on the photogrammetry model, for example)
  4. Export from Blender into Cesium (using Blender Plugin), each of the model parts separately so that I can activate and deactivate the additional building with a button event.
    Both models are loaded now on Cesium, but their positions are lost. Repositioning them again through the ‘Adjust Tileset Location’ is merely impossible since I cannot show both of them together in the ‘Adjust Tileset Location’ Cesium ion interface.

What am I missing??


Thanks for providing me with that information, it is helpful to understand your use case. Unfortunately, this is a known issue that we actively looking in to updating. We have an internal feature request to implement this. I will be adding this thread to that feature request so that we can track this and provide you with an update when available.


What is the workflow for this use case: adding models of building on top of the photogrammetry model, in the precise position?
Is there a workaround? a different 3d software that can maintain global positioning? must be a way to do that!? no??


I didn’t know this and learned this myself but what you can do is create a new story. Add your two assets to the story and then position them relative to each other inside the story. Any positioning you do here will be carried over for the asset everywhere.

Once you add the assets to the story their should be either a button to change the asset’s location or you can click on the three dots like below to be able to position your tileset:


And you should be able to position them relative to each other like below:

The only caveat here is you cannot modify both assets’ locations at the same time. So you will have to georeference an asset first and then place your second asset relative to that one.


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cool workaround! tnx