Photogrammetry model + cad model in the EXACT position

I’m using ion to load a tileset, and I also want to load a glb model directly onto it, specifically onto the building displayed in the tileset. How can I ensure that the model is loaded in the correct position? I’ve been working with both the photogrammetry and CAD models in blender, and I attempted to upload them separately to cesium ion. However, ion requires manual positioning of the model, which doesn’t provide the level of precision I require.

Hi @Eytan_Mann,

Do you have any location information about the the original position? Perhaps latitude and longitude, or coordinates with projection information?


yes, I know where the model is… (820220)
What I would want to do is model another level to the building (using Blender/3Dmax or whichever) and load that model precisely, without having to manually position in ION