3D model disappearing in location editor when camera is far away

Hi I am trying to accurately place photogrammetry I have for a certain city but it is very hard as the model keeps disappearing when the camera distance exceeds some value. Thus I am trying to do this while working very close to the object and cannot see the whole object nor the movement axis arrows. Can someone please help me?

You can use eyeOffset, translucency or NearFarScalar - Cesium Documentation
to achieve this task.

Can you share the source of the 3D Tileset and how it was produced?

@Shashi Unfortunately I am using the built in ion location editor so do not have access to these functions.

@Shehzan_Mohammed this is the model which I downloaded: USA - New York City photogrammetry 1 | 3D model. It is an fbx file and I simply loaded this with Cesium Ion using the Add Data → Add Files options.

Hi did you find a solution for this? I am having the same issue with the model disappearing when the camera zooms out. Is there a way to get access to the code side while working inside ion?

I have not. To be honest I just gave up. It seems like a non-inconsequential flaw in their system which I imagine would be fairly easy to fix on their side. Maybe it is just a problem with large models or I would expect to see this mentioned more frequently. I don’t think you can edit any code in ion itself. If I need to I may use blender to further break up the model before trying to upload and maybe that would work better. I have not tried smaller models though so will need testing.

I found the answer but it’s not by using ion. You can save the code out into a HTML page though through ion and add the following line of code to your tileset.

maximumScreenSpaceError = 0.1 ( or another value closer to 1 ).

Basically you are telling the renderer to render your high resolution tileset even when you are zoomed out.

Thanks for getting back. :slight_smile:

@Aikiman or @morgankohler Could you provide the ion asset ID of your dataset so we can take a closer look? There shouldn’t be a need to set the maximumScreenSpaceError so low. Thanks!




Hey @Gabby_Getz thanks for looking into it. The asset ID is 1365281.

@morgankohler @Aikiman Thanks again for bringing this up. We found it was an issue in the CesiumJS renderer, which is used in the Cesium ion preview and editor views. CesiumJS was not properly scaling the top-level geometric error of the tileset, the value which is used in tandem with maximumScreenSpaceError to determine when to render the tileset. We merged a fix, which will be available in the February 1 release of CesiumJS, and we expect ion will be updated about a month after that.

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi there, quick question: I have the same issue, where setting a maximumScreenSpaceError of 0.1 makes it so that my tileset appears at lower zoom levels - and it disappears when this max error is set to simply 1.0. I’m using Cesium version 1.106. Has this fix been merged to the current cesium build? Thanks a lot for getting back!

Edit: Looks like the fix indeed has been merged into 1.102, but I’m still seeing this issue. If you’d like a link to the dataset, I can share it privately.