3D model disappearing in location editor when camera is far away

Hi I am trying to accurately place photogrammetry I have for a certain city but it is very hard as the model keeps disappearing when the camera distance exceeds some value. Thus I am trying to do this while working very close to the object and cannot see the whole object nor the movement axis arrows. Can someone please help me?

You can use eyeOffset, translucency or NearFarScalar - Cesium Documentation
to achieve this task.

Can you share the source of the 3D Tileset and how it was produced?

@Shashi Unfortunately I am using the built in ion location editor so do not have access to these functions.

@Shehzan_Mohammed this is the model which I downloaded: USA - New York City photogrammetry 1 | 3D model. It is an fbx file and I simply loaded this with Cesium Ion using the Add Data → Add Files options.