Model disappears when panning/zooming

after converting a .laz file to 3d tiles, cesiumjs shows the model, but it is really not interactive.
it keeps disappearing when I try to interact with it.

here is a sandcastle link to reproduce

can you please help me figure out where the problem is?

Hello and welcome to the forum! I looked at the tileset, and the issue is that its location on the Earth’s surface has not been set. The camera is not behaving well at the tileset’s current coordinates.

If you know the coordinate reference system (CRS) of the data, you can embed that information into the LAZ file itself using PDAL. I can give you the correct command if you can tell me the CRS.

Alternatively, you can use the Adjust Tileset Location button in the ion dashboard to position the tileset manually. Here is a Sandcastle showing the tileset at an arbitrary position on the Earth.

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Depending on the input data and the exact requirements, it may also be possible to adjust the location and orientation of the tileset at runtime. For example, this will place the tileset at the given position (longitude=-105, latitude=35) on the globe:

var targetCartographic = Cesium.Cartographic.fromDegrees(-105, 35, 0);
var targetCartesian = Cesium.Cartographic.toCartesian(targetCartographic);
tileset.modelMatrix = Cesium.Transforms.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(targetCartesian);

Thank you for your answer,
Im not using terrain behind me model (im using a black background)
so the location isn’t really important to me.

is there a one-size-fit-all solution, like placing all models in a certain location where the camera will always work?

@Marco13 if you’ll look at my last response, Im looking for a one-size-fit-all solution to this, as I dont really care about the terrain.

Im looking for a location where the camera will always work, if possible

any idea ?