Asset keeps disappearing during tileset locating in Cesium Ion

I think related to the quirky

I threw some historical aerial photos through photogrammetry software. Tileset Locating after model upload was difficult as the model kept vanishing when zooming out and I struggled to get oriented.

I have added the aerials to the second slide of the story from the GitHub link - - they also vanish when zooming out.

I thought to mention it here in case anyone else is having this issue.

For improved tileset locating I wonder about the ability to adjust model transparency.



It looks like the suspected bug causing the “disappearing box” issue hasn’t been addressed by our tiling team quite yet. I’ve made a note in our system that you experienced this issue as well so we can give you an update when it’s resolved. Thank you for providing the Story example showing the issue with your tileset! That was really helpful for seeing the problem you were describing.

And thank you for the suggestion for adding a way to adjust the tileset transparency. I agree, that would be helpful for lining things up in the location editor. I’ve passed that suggestion along to our ion developers.

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