(Ion) I get "this asset cannot be relocated" when try to Adjust Tileset Location


I have exported a 3d model in agisoft metashape. There I choose the zip format (cesium). I upload it as 3d Tile in cesium and then I add this asset to a story.

The problem is that my model is under the terrain in the story and I can’t access the Location Editor. When I try click Adjust Tileset Location, I get a message sating that is asset cannot be relocated.

What am I missing? Shoud I reupload it choosing model instead of tileset?



Hey Rafael,

Welcome to the Cesium community! Cesium ion doesn’t currently support re-positioning assets uploaded as 3D Tiles. If you upload your asset as OBJ/glTF etc this’ll allow you to position it using the location editor. See: https://cesium.com/docs/tutorials/import-photogrammetry/.