Adjust Tileset Location - change imagery

i have created my own terrain and aerial image tiles and now i want to georeference a 3d model based on these aerial images as they are more accurate and high resolution.
When I go to “adjust Tileset Location” I cannot change the aerial image layer, only the terrain.
Is there a possibility that I don’t see?

What you describe is not currently possible via the “Adjust Tileset Location” option, but this is a good feature request and I’ve written up an issue for us to address it in the future.

The good news is there is a workaround. Cesium Stories allows you to adjust the tileset location of an asset as well. This adjustment applies to the asset everywhere. Add your imagery and tileset to a Cesium Story and then click the 3 dots menu next to your tileset and just “Adjust tileset location”

When you save it, the tileset location will be reflected in the assets preview window and in your apps.

thanks a lot, thats a good workaround!