Adjust tileset location via REST or JS


I’m looking for a way to adjust the global location of assets (like with the “Adjust tileset location” button Set Location in Cesium ion | ),
but via script (REST or JS).

Looking at the documentation ( Cesium ion API | ) there does not seem to be an option for it,
but looking around, I found this thread: Incorrect tileset location when providing position via REST api
where it was at least possible to set the tileset position upon creation.

Is there something similar for adjusting the position of already created assets, either with the REST API or CesiumJS?

Thanks in advance!

It contains the code for changing the geo location of the tileset.

Thank you @ZhefengJin !
However, I looked into the source code and it seems that when the geolocation is changed ( geolocation-popup.php ) and AJAX call is made to (in construkted.js ).
But the admin-ajax.php is not part of the source code, so I still don’t know how they are actually editing the Cesium asset.
Do you have an idea where I could find that part?

I’m not the owner of that repo so can’t say anything about it.
please refer to this sample.

Thank you @ZhefengJin !
I read through the code, but it seems this sample only updates a local transformation matrix.
The geo location of the asset on Cesium Ion won’t be updated.
I was looking for a way to permanently change the asset’s position on Cesium Ion for all users.