Setting the location of the assets via REST API

Hello, I am now working on uploading thousands of obj files to cesium ion. However, I found that I have to set the tileset location via “Cesium ion”. Are there any methods to do this via rest API / programmatically?

Is it safe for me to use the /v1/assets/{assetId}/transform api that is not mentioned on Ion REST API documentation – Cesium?

Thank you so much.

Hi Nick, Good question. The assests can be positioned via the API with Cesium JS like in the Sandcastle. I jhave yet to find a way to set it in Cesium ION.

If you find how to update ION asset location please share.

Thank you, Steve. I have stopped trying cesium ion and developing an alternative solution to show the 3d models effectively. I will still give it a try after office hours if I have enough time.