3D Objects randomly disappearing

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a Cesium project for months, and I’m encountering a problem that I can’t seem to solve.
I’ve transformed an entire DWG dataset containing buildings into Cesium 3D tiles with FME (several hundred thousand buildings). Everything seems to be fine, except for one thing. Some buildings seem to have some sort of “anchor point”, outside their model.
For example, in the screenshot and video linked here, you can see that if the “anchor point” moves out of the camera’s view, the whole building disappears. This is a problem I encounter with many buildings, all over the dataset.

I’ve tried playing with the maximumScreenSpaceError parameter, but even at 0 this problem continues to appear. I’ve looked in my original dataset (downloadable here for this specific tile: https://data.geo.admin.ch/ch.swisstopo.swissbuildings3d_3_0/swissbuildings3d_3_0_2016_1287-32/swissbuildings3d_3_0_2016_1287-32_2056_5728.dwg.zip ) and the maximum extent of this particular object doesn’t seem to be wrong.
I have no idea how to solve this problem, and would like to know if anyone here has had this same problem, or has a solution to solve it.

All the best!

Hi there,

I would suggest checking the bounding volumes. You can debug these more easily using the 3D Tiles Inspector.