How to import obj with the correct projection

I am using to upload an .obj file (created from laz). It says that the “tileset location has not been set”. Is there a way to geo-reference an obj file using a header or a .prj file?

Right now, you can click on “Adjust tileset location” in the top right when selecting the asset in your dashboard on ion, and there you can position it on the globe (with a combination of geocoding and positioning by hand).

Cesium ion is pretty new and we’re working on improving it in all sorts of ways, so if you have ideas for features/better workflows, you can post them here:

Thanks for reply, I would love to automate this step. I am guessing that when one changes the location of the feature using the 3D Tiles Location Editor, behind the scenes, the tileset.json is being altered, if this is the case an explanation of this step would helpful.