How to programmatically set the coordinates of loaded 3D object model(.obj)?

I receive 2 types( .fbx & .obj) of model from one aerial survey data. When uploading .fbx file, its positions are well set in contrast to .obj file whose position are totally unset.

How can I get(calculate) the position(lat/lon/height) of the fbx model and apply them to set my .obj asset well positioned ?

If I simple adjust tileset location and copy all the values from fbx model and past them to fill the empty fields of the obj model, the position is still not perfectly matched to the terrain

Hey Gush,

The FBX asset you’ve uploaded has been geolocated in Cesium ion. The OBJ model would also need to be geolocated to match the position of the other model.

I think the discrepancy you might see between the FBX and the OBJ version is that each format has a different convention for which axis is the “up axis”.

To programmatically set the location of your models when uploading them, you can use the Cesium ion REST API, see: