Location Editor issue


I have an issue regarding the geo-referencing of my 3D tile. I uploaded FBX model to my asset successfully, and tried setting the location. The location editor seems far apart from the tiled model.

Please do know the reason for this, and is there a solution to it.

Thank you!

The move widget is positioned at the origin of the model coordinate system. The origin of the model coordinate system is placed at the latitude/longitude/height shown in the left panel.

In this case it appears that your asset was created with data that was located a distance away from the origin. To work around this you can try adjusting the location of your data to be closer to the origin before uploading it to Cesium ion.

This is an area we are looking to improve and your feedback can help us. Are you able to let tell us:

  • What program did you generate this data in?
  • Do you know the mapping between the model coordinate system and the latitude/longitude, or do you just visually positioning the model?