Cesium ion georeferenced mesh files

Is there any way to import mesh (obj) files into Cesium ion and have the geo-referenced information be kept from the photogrammetry software?

I would like to use the ground control points set up the photogrammetry software, and have the model load in the correct location in Cesium ion.

What photogrammetry software are you using? Do you know how it outputs this geographic information?

ion currently allows you to geo-reference tiles either by entering longtitude/latitude directly or by entering an address. It sounds like it would be pretty convenient if the models already come with this information if ion could read it. If you’ve got more information (or sample models) that’d help us a lot! Feel free to let me know here and/or open a feature request in the ion repo (https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium-ion-community).

I've tried exporting from both Reality Capture and Agisoft PhotoScan.
For photogrammetry models that have been geo-referenced in the photogrammetry software I can either export in a local, Geographic (WSG84), or Projected (UTM) coordinate systems.

With the exception of the local coordinate system, neither the projected or geographic coordinate systems will process in Cesium ion.

Yes, it would be nice to not have to fiddle with 'placing' the mesh in the Cesium ion UI.

I do agree, that would be a nice feature! I’m assuming this is you:

If so, thanks for opening that feature request! Hopefully the ion team will take a look at that soon.

Hello Team Cesium,

With the new plugin for Unreal, I was wondering if the ability to import georeferenced mesh models (ie captured by UAS, processed by Pix4D / AgiSoft) into Cesium for use with Unreal Engine is now possible?

This would be doubly interesting as open source advocates as I believe this is still not possible using proprietary pipelines (ie ESRI CityEngine)!

In the case of a Scottish Isles, for example, using satellite terrain and imagery just doesn’t do the stratigraphy of cliff edges justice (or building facades for that matter!)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community! This question might be better suited for the Cesium for Unreal forum - Cesium for Unreal - Cesium Community.