3D models now in Cesium

As I’m sure most folks saw, 3D models are now in Cesium with the b26 release.

There is a Sandcastle example with a few stock models that we can use in our Cesium apps, a tutorial, and a tool for converting COLLADA models to glTF.

We’re continuing to improve 3D models in the next several months. The roadmap is updated with plans for the next Cesium release.

There has also been progress on the model format itself, glTF, including major updates to the schema. We also plan to get the spec in shape in the coming months.



i want to create city 3d with czml
please show sample and link for download
the sample is http://cesiumjs.org/2014/03/03/Cesium-version-b26-released/

Hi guys, there seems to be a problem with the Sandcastle demo.
I cannot load any of the models from the Sandcastle gallery
(I have tried Firefox and Safari under Mac OS X). I always get
the error message: "Error reading source file: 3D Models" and similar
for the other examples.

Would you please check this?

Best regards


Safari doesn’t have WebGL enabled by default so we do not test Cesium on Safari. When Apple enables WebGL by default, Cesium will follow with official support.

As for Firefox, I am running Firefox 27 on Mac and all the models in the Sandcastle example work for me. Are you running a local version of Cesium? If so did you build with the “combine” option? Does the Sandcastle example on cesiumjs.org work for you?




thanks for the reply. It seemed to be a problem
with the previous version of Cesium I had in the browser cache.
After I succesfully tested it today with Safari (WebGL activated),
I tried again in Firefox and still got the error messages.
After clearing the cache and reloading of the link you gave below
(I used that one also before) it successfully loaded.

Thank you again and best regards