czml with glTF

Hello,I have watched the Cygnus app demo, and I want to replace the billboard with glTF model in czml by myself.

So I download the gltf branch in github, and ran the modelDemo.czml successfully. But,when I add the modelDemo.czml to b26, the glTF model is missing. Is it possible to add this function to b26 or the later version? And how to do it?

Models have been officially part of Cesium for quite some time; you should either be using the official Cesium b30 release or if you you are using git, use the b30 tag. gltf is an old unmaintained branch. Also, the CZML for models has probably changed since then. We will be including new CZML examples in 1.0 on August 1st, that includes using models.