How gltf work with czml?

Hi, All,
I'm going to let the spacecraft in gltf demo fly on a track, which a czml defined?
Another question, can I create a czml server to give the real time position for this craft? Only example or document here?



We did this for the Cygnus app. In the gltf branch, there is a new DynamicModel for 3D models. Later, CZML will also be able to drive animating individual parts of the model. Keep an eye on the glTF roadmap.

I don’t have any examples handy but Matt might.


Hi, Patrick,
I checked out Cygnus app. The source code is obfuscated. Matt, do you have simple example for this?


Actually, the gltf branch does have a demo, in cesium\Apps\CesiumViewer2\Gallery\model\modelDemo.czml.





Czml and gltf worked. lol. Thanks a lot. But, one issue here. When I load other model to replace duck. The model's heading and spinning cannot be controlled. It doesn't head to the moving direction. How to set these two things?


That’s the “orientation” parameter in CZML. Our current exporters only write it out if something needs to be oriented correctly, like a sensor cone or an ellipsoid volume. It is not written for points, billboards, labels, etc. This has been causing me a headache recently, and last night I resorted to attaching a sensor cone to an object, and copy-and-pasting the resulting orientation to the model. Not a long-term solution obviously.

Once models become official, the exporters will need to write their orientations along with the object.


Ed, if you’re using the STK Components CesiumPacketGenerator, you can force orientation to be written (even if it doesn’t appear to be needed) by adding this:

CesiumPacketGenerator packetGenerator = …;



Shall I just adjust the orientation of model in a editor, like 3Dmax. Then convert to gltf format. Maybe that's a quick solution.

Hi,Kevin,How can I find STK Components CesiumPacketGenerator?

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If you’re an STK Components customer, contact customer support or your salesperson and tell them you would like to try out the pre-release Cesium library.


Is the czml with gltf model can only rendring in the gltf branch

How can I add this function to b26 or the later version?

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