Are gltf models supported for CZML in the b27 release?

I'm trying to show a 3D model of a satellite in cesium (similar to I've been trying to add gltf models to my CZML by adding the following to my czml packet, but haven't gotten it to work.


Is this a supported feature in b27? If so, is there a simple CZML gltf example?

Yes, it is. Try the following, should work:

‘id’: ‘myModel’,
‘model’ : {
‘gltf’ : “http://url-to-my-models/model.json”,
‘scale’ : 1.0,
‘show’ : true
‘point’: {
‘color’: {
‘rgba’: [255, 0, 0, 255]
‘outlineWidth’: 2.0,
‘pixelSize’: 3.0,
‘show’: true
‘position’: {
‘cartographicDegrees’: [longitude, latitude, height],
‘interpolationAlgorithm’: ‘LINEAR’,
‘interpolationDegree’: 1

Thanks! That worked great. I’m having some issues with the textures all coming back black. I’m assuming I just didn’t convert correctly.

It looks like you went through a similar issue a couple months ago:!searchin/cesium-dev/gltf$20texture/cesium-dev/soK05NfUuM8/WVm1VdT80pwJ

I’ll go through the steps outlined in that thread and post back.

Thank you,