3D Tile Water Masks - not functional yet?

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Just seeing if anyone else has run into the same issue (or if I’ve missed something!)
Cesium Water Masks work on the Cesium World Terrian, however not on the new Google 3D Tiles (despite there being Water Mask options for both).

‘Enable Water Mask’ is selected for both Terrian sets, however only the ‘flat’ CesiumWorldTerrian tiles display the water mask.

When you hover over that property, it says “Currently only applicable for quantized-mesh tilesets that support the water mask extension.” The Google tiles are not quantized-mesh, nor do they contain water mask information.

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Following up with this question on water rendering. I just saw that the photorealistic 3D tiles seem to include bathymetry. In spite of having no information at all of the water mask, could it be possible to generate ocean water in any other way?

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There’s no easy solution. I’m sure a solution is possible somehow, but I’m not sure what it would look like.

We’re also hoping to get water texture working. But is seems like it doesn’t work for the google 3d tile set. Hi is there any update on this or has anyone found a workaround?

Hi @MQS,

We’re aware that this has been requested, but it still isn’t possible. Like Kevin said, Google’s data isn’t in quantized-mesh form, and it doesn’t contain water mask information. Unless Google adds water-related metadata to Photorealistic 3D Tiles, it will be difficult to implement the same precise water effect.

One thing you could try is applying your own custom material that simulates this effect. For example, if the texture contains an area that is mainly blue, you can apply an animated wave effect on that blue area. We haven’t prototyped this ourselves, but if you decide to try this, let us know how it goes! And of course, other community members are welcome to chime in with their own ideas or input. :smile:

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