3D tiles classification with tiled imagery layers

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I see the function for classifying 3d tilesets using textured ground primitives, which is fine for small images but would fail for large area classification with textured primitives.

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Draping imagery layers on 3d tilesets without initial textures (e.g. a TIN created from point grids).

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This sounds like a pretty interesting use case. Can you tell me a bit more about it? Are the imagery layers here satellite imagery? Or is it an imagery layer that just has features like water, and you want to be able to highlight all the “water” areas on your 3D Tiles?

Hi Omar, yep the use case is more for draping satellite imagery over 3d tiles. A workaround would be to dynamically convert the image tiles to ground primitives with texture. Would this work?

I think this is something we’d like to support as part of the larger effort to fold terrain into 3D Tiles, and then imagery could be draped over the terrain (or any other 3D Tiles). For now, I think you should be able to request an image from an ImageryProvider:


And then use that as the source for the texture of a ground primitive. Doing it everywhere dynamically might be a little tricky since you’ll have to account for when the imagery changes as you zoom in.

Is your 3D Tiles like a road/landscape?