3d tiles selecting single feature

Hello all,

I am trying to enable 3dtiles feature selection and declarative styling. I set “_BATCHID” values of primitives, but that doesn’t help. Gltf validator gives the error “Unresolved_reference” for the primitives. (Full text below)

Unresolved reference: 4.
I am unable to understand the relation between primitives and features, I suppose. Is there a basic sample I can study?


1.gltf (65.9 KB)

1.b3dm (65.9 KB)

You will also need to add the accessor for _BATCHID, eg.

“accessors”: [{



       "bufferView": 1,

       "byteOffset": 0,

       "componentType": 5125,

       "count": 4860,

       "max": [2],

       "min": [0],

       "type": "SCALAR"