3D tilesets loading on map

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I am using 3d tileset to show 3d view on map in cesiumjs (not using cesium ion). Our team is creating 3d tileset using FME, but for 100 buildings(including textures) 3d tileset is huge(942mb). We have to create 3d tileset for more than 6000 building. Since tileset is getting huge and application performance is getting worst. We are thinking to divide 6000 building into 40-50 buildings tilesets and load all of them as per grid/bounding sphere demand. But I don’t know, how to calculate bounding sphere(on action zoom in/zoom out)/ create grid to load tileset as per need of bounding sphere/ grid.
Please let me know if anyone has done it before, it will be a great help to me, i am stuck on it from one week.

Thank you

@cesiumTs , please let me, if there is any solution for my question

Hi, You can listen event of camera changed and get bounding box by using computeViewRectangle like:

const viewer = new Cesium.Viewer("cesiumContainer");
viewer.camera.changed.addEventListener(function() {
  var bbox = viewer.camera.computeViewRectangle();

You can use nodejs plugin tile-generator to generate tiles by passing zoom level and boundingbox.

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@Jacky, Thank you so much. I will try tile-generator too.