3DTiles are only partially displayed with skipLevelOfDetail disabled

With version 1.67 the default for skipLevelOfDetail for Cesium3DTileset was set to false. We have bought a large tileset that mysteriously only works with skipLevelOfDetail set to true. It loads every LOD without a problem when skipping the LODs.

But with skipLevelOfDetail set to false it just stops displaying higher LODs after 3 levels. In the debug console I can see the b3dm files of the appropriate LOD are loaded but they aren’t displayed.
My guess is there is something wrong with the json files (ca 56k files). I already tried to combine and/or upgrade the tileset with the 3d-tile-tools.
Did anybody encounter similar behaviour?
Unfortunately I cant share the tileset at the moment.

With skipLevelOfDetail=false

Hey @gunmiosb - welcome to the Cesium community forum!

I have been investigating an issue similar to what you describe. Is your 3D Tileset generated by Context Capture by any chance?

Hi @omar

It seems so, there is an example Cesium app to preview the 3d tiles with the title “Cesium 3D Tiles generated from Bentley ContextCapture” included in the data.

Thanks for confirming. This is indeed a bug with the 3D Tiles output from Context Capture. We do have a potential fix for this here: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium/pull/8996. You can help us by using that branch and confirming if it fixes your problem.

Otherwise, if you have an OBJ version of this data, you can upload that to Cesium ion and use ion’s 3D tiling pipeline to create a new tileset that doesn’t have this issue.

Thanks, the fix works with our dataset.

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