3DTILES_implicit_tiling traversal

In Cesium-1.86, there added an extension “3DTILES_implicit_tiling”, for a compact representation of quadtrees and octrees. The extension enables random access to tiles in the implicit hierarchy, and allows new, more efficient traversal algorithms. I haven’t seen the new traversal algorithm in the latest source code (Cesium-1.88). I wonder if I miss something, or the traversal algorithm needs to be designed by ourselves?

Hi @sophie_shang,

Thank you for your question! For this use case, you would need to write the traversal algorithm yourself.


Maybe I misunderstood the question, but there is an implementation of the traversal of implicit tilesets in CesiumJS - this is done with ImplicitTileset.js and some of the related classes. To my understanding, this traversal does not (yet?) really exploit the fact that it is an implicit tileset. It just traverses it like a normal tileset, so to speak. There may be implementations in the future - other than CesiumJS, or in CesiumJS itself - where a different, more efficient traversal is implemented. The crucial point might be regarding the question of whether…

may be that users of CesiumJS will not have to implement anything special when they want to use implicit tilesets. For the users, it should hardly make a difference whether the tileset is implicit or not.

Marco is 100% correct. It seems like we do have a tileset traversal algorithm implemented in ImplicitTileset.js. However, this algorithm has not been updated since we added implicit tiling to CesiumJS.