3DTiles requests

Hi guys,

I have spotted an interesting behavior of 3Dtiles requests.

I have a simple 3D Tiles set in a web application. When I open a project which has a layer with a 3Dtiles set which is not activated viewer.scene.primitives: show = false I can see in the dev. tools that it continuously sends requests to the tileset and 99% of them have the status “canceled”. However, when I change viewer.scene.primitive: show = true

it loads tiles which it should and stops. However, if I again deactivating tileset it starts again load canceled request.

Do you have any suggestion why it acts like this?

And why cesium is canceling some of the requests?

I don’t know is this behavior was and in previous versions of cesium or it some new version bug.

Thank you for your help.

Google Chrome

CesiumJS 1.60

Thanks for reporting this Linas. It does sound like a bug with the system that cancels requests when 3D Tiles are not in view. Although I’m having trouble recreating this.

Are you able to recreate this using any of the tilesets from ion on Sandcastle? Here’s a Sandcastle example I put together, which starts out with primitives hidden, and you can toggle it with the button in the top left. The only time I see a cancelled request is only when zooming in and hiding it while it’s still loading tiles.

Hi Omar,

Thank you for your replay.

I have recreated it in the sandcastle with the New York 3Dtileset. Here is the link: Sandcastle example

What I have done only added the following lines in your code:

requestRenderMode: true,

maximumRenderTimeChange: Infinity

You can see this behavior best in the city center where is more tiles.