3dTileset Attributes

When trying to style 3DTiles by point classification attributes I get an error saying Classification does not exist or is not styleable. I’m my styling code looks like this.

color: {
conditions: [
["${Classification} === 9", “color(’#000099’)”],

[“true”, “color(’#FFFFFF’, 1.0)”],

Should this work or is there another way to access the Classification attribute for styling?

This may be because Classification isn’t an attribute. If you click on a building, does the viewer show that Classification is an attribute?

@dzung the infobox won’t work for point clouds, so clicking on the points won’t show the per-point properties, but you are right that it is likely that this point cloud does not have the per-point Classification property.

@wepmanj does your LAS file happen to have all per-point classification values the same? If so, the Cesium ion tiling pipeline will ignore this value:

If all points have the same value for any property, it will be treated as a “no data” value and ignored.

From: https://cesium.com/docs/tutorials/import-point-clouds/#supported-formats

@Omar All the classifications aren’t the same. I’ve uploaded the tileset to ion. If I provided the assetId would you be able to determine if it, in fact, has the classification property for the points?

@wepmanj yes, you can share the asset ID here and I’ll be able to take a look from our end to investigate.

@Omar Great. Asset ID is 151647

This 3D Tileset does not contain any per-point properties. Can you upload the source LAS and share the asset ID for that?

Ok, thanks. Likely not a Cesium problem than. This tileset was generated with Entwine since I wasn’t able to successfully get the Cesium tiler to process a LAS fileset as large as mine. Appreciate the help.

Thanks for confirming. If you can upload that file you had trouble with to Cesium ion or share it with support@cesium.com I’d like to take a look to see if it’s something on our end we can fix.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can get approval to share our raw lidar. There may be some issues I need to get through there.

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