3DTileset disappear when too close with CesiumPolygonRasterOverlay

Hey, I am trying to use the Cartographic Polygon and Polygon Raster Overlay, to cut holes into my terrain, with World Terrain it’s working fine. But with 3DTileset, at far distances it’s working, but when I come closer, near Cartographic Polygon tiles disappear. I am using UE4.27.

Thanks for any tips or help.

I’m not sure what would cause that. Can you give us exact steps to reproduce it?

By the way, new versions of the plugin are no longer being released for UE 4.27. You should move to UE5 as soon as you can.

Thanks for your fast reply,
I cant move to UE5 because my project need to be on 4.27 :confused:
For the step by step :
-place a new 3D cesium tileset in a new map

I’m not able to reproduce this following your procedure. Even as I zoom in, only the tiles inside the polygon are excluded. I’m using UE 5.1, but I can’t think of any reason that would matter.

What version of Cesium for Unreal are you using?

Also, are there any messages in your Output Log? One possibility is that you’re hitting the rate limit on the Google 3D Tiles, so those zoomed-in tiles are simply failing to load and it has nothing to do with the polygon.

I am using Cesium 1.24.0 .
When the tiles disappear, I got this in the log :

How can I repair that ?

Same problem with 5.1 and Cesium 1.26. But no errors in the log. It’s strange.

Can you please try doing this in the Google sample level in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project, and see if you have a problem there as well?

Same with the cesium sample in the Google sample level.

Here’s a video that show the problem : 2023 05 18 13 14 53 - YouTube
As you can see in the video, with the basic 3Dtileset the cut is a little off and tiles disappear. But when I use the bing imagery terrain, it’s working properly

One thing I noticed in your video is that you dragged the Cesium3DTileset into the world from the Place Actors panel, so it’s not located at Location 0,0,0. This is likely the cause of the offset. I’m not sure if it could also be the cause of the larger problem.

Yep the offset was due to the location, but the problem of missing tiles is still there. I’ll check my drivers and everything, maybe it’s only on my computer, but it would be strange that it’s working for bing imagery but not google.

I have updated my drivers, and graphic driver, I am working with Nvidia Studio driver. And I’ve reinstaled UE4.27. Nothing changed.

Now that the location is reset to (0,0,0), would you mind recording a short video showing the problem with the Google tileset?

Yes, here it is : 2023 05 19 01 12 59 - YouTube
You can see that in fact it’s working, but only in certains area. At the beginning in the desert there is no problem, but when I move to the location I have selected I have the problem. In my first video at 3min, I have the same problem but without moving the GeoReference, in the desert/city side of the map it’s working, but not in the forest/mountain area.
Another thing I noticed is that it could be linked to the Tile size :

under the map view :

I have tried using another computer, and it also had the bug. Here’s a project where I have the bug if that can help you :
MyProject3.rar (7.6 KB)

Thanks, I can reproduce this now and am investigating the cause.

FWIW, I’m having the same issues, UE 5.1, 3dTiles at the origin. At certain distances tile appears, closer to it, disappears. I’ve noticed that if I increase the level of detail “maximum screen space error” number, it fills in the missing tiles, but with less quality/more degradation, but then other tiles elsewhere have the disappearing issues.

I have the same problem :face_exhaling:

I’ve just opened a PR to fix this:

It was caused by meshes with a very small number of vertices that used UNSIGNED_BYTE indices. These weren’t being upsampled properly, so, with raster overlays, they would disappear when we zoomed in close.

Thank you for looking into this.
Just so I’m following, is this something that is fixed but will need to be updated in the next version of Cesium for UE?

Thanks ^^.
Is it possible to get the update for 4.27 ?

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