3dtitle,Transparency in Unity is not displayed normally

3dtitle,Transparency in Unity is not displayed normally,Can you include shader that supports transparency in the SDK,Manual models will often use transparency pasting,Convert to tiles,Transparency effect cesuim for unity is not supported,Colleague effect in cesuimjs is right

Colleague effect in cesuimjs is right。It is hoped that the Cesuim for Unity SDK will include a shader that supports seethrough, and whether this shader will be supported in the next update。

Hi @kathy_225,

Unfortunately, translucency in 3D Tiles is not currently supported. We have an issue to track this feature request on Github, here.

If you have the developer bandwidth, we’d welcome a community contribution that handles this! Otherwise, we’ll update the issue and this forum thread when the feature is addressed. Thanks!

I upgraded to 1.6.4, tried it this morning, gave the tile a shader ball, and then set the parameters of the next material, it worked, and now it can be supported!