Alpha textutre support


I tried to load 3DTiles of citymodel on Cesium for Unity.
It seems alpha texture is ignored.
Is alpha textutre not supported yet ?

model data :fbx,
texture :png,
alpha mode: clip,
converting tool: Ion and model-tiler (both tried)

Thak you,

Yes, you’re right, it’s not supported yet. I’ve written an issue to track it here:

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Thank you for quick reply.
We are looking forward to the day.


Translucent textures work for me in Cesium for Unreal now, if setting the alpha component of baseColorFactor to under 0.996 as suggested as a workaround in the topic linked below. I can see that the Unreal PR is linked from the issue, I guess there hasn’t been any progress since then? Anyhow, the 0.996 limit should probably be considered there as well.