3dtile texture not show properly

I’ve some 3dtiles layer to show, most of them are perfect. Only one layer has strange problem. It’s nice with cesium js API, both Cesium Ion and my own app. When I add it to UE5, its texture is lost.

Hi @herrshi,

Are there any messages in the Output Log? Is there anything unusual about those textures compared to the ones that are working?


nope, everything just like other layer, no further error message in ue editor.

Ok, I’m not too sure what the problem might be, then. Can you provide us with a tileset that shows the problem so that we can debug?

Here’s the 3dtile I use. That’s truly kind of you. :grin:
PavementWordMarkings.zip (1.0 MB)

Depending on the intended debugging steps, here’s the extracted GLB and its JSON, and the texture image.

The GLB had a validation error:

BUFFER_VIEW_TARGET_OVERRIDE: Override of previously set bufferView target or usage. Initial: ‘VertexBuffer’, new: ‘Image’./images/0/bufferView

(I just fixed this by removing the target declaration…)

The issue is most likely caused by some unusual material configuration: The texture is mostly transparent. The material uses alphaMode: MASK. It does not specify an alphaCutoff.

I tried to render the GLB in https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ , https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/ and PlayCanvas glTF Viewer , and none of them seemed to display anything, but this might just be caused by the fact that the parts of the model that do have non-transparent textures are really tiny compared to the overall size:

Cesium Texture Zoom

Maybe the viewers are displaying it, and I didn’t zoom into the right place…

NoLod_0_VALID.glb (1.3 MB)

NoLod_0.for.upload.geojson (2.1 KB)

(There are invisible letters in this texture. Use a proper viewer to see them:)

Forum-20362-texture.zip (457.7 KB)