Failed to load texture in Unreal

Hello all,

I am having an issue with using a public dataset of 3D Tiles. While it can be rendered without any problems on the Cesium.js Hello World page, I am having trouble displaying the textures in UE.

What I have done in UE is simply add a Cesium3DTileset into the level, and change url to my local dataset. The geomery looks file but no texture displayed.

I have not received any error messages on either the Cesium.js page or the UE console. Would anyone happen to know what the issue might be or have any suggestions for further troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance.

I believe the problem is that this tileset uses the KHR_techniques_webgl extension to glTF. As the name implies, this extension is quite specific to WebGL and not supported by Cesium for Unreal. Because it is only that extension that encodes how to apply the texture, the texture is missing in Unreal.

This is exactly the problem! Thank you!

For anyone who is using 3dtiles data converted from osgb with this 3dtile tool, try to add a -c '{\"pbr\": true}' to avoid KHR_techniques_webgl issue.

3dtile.exe -f osgb -i E:\osgb_path -o E:\out_path -c '{\"pbr\": true}'
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