Error: "Failed to load binary glTF..."


so I’m trying to load a tileset from a webpage (http:///…) with Cesium for Unreal, but for some of the .b3dm files I get the following log messages:

LogCesium: Error: [2021-11-13 12:47:42.325] [error] [GltfContent.cpp:44] Failed to load binary glTF from http://…/R.b3dm:

  • GLB binary chunk size does not match the size of the first buffer in the JSON chunk.

LogCesium: Warning: [2021-11-13 12:47:42.325] [warning] [GltfContent.cpp:51] Warning when loading binary glTF from http://…/R.b3dm:

  • Image bufferView’s byte offset is 0 and the byteLength is 300172, the result is 300172, which is more than the available 0 bytes.

Unfortunately I cannot share the link. What I can say is this:

  • Bringing the tileset into focus (via “World Outliner”) brings me to the correct location, but nothing is rendered.
  • The glTF version is 2.0 (there were similar posts to this that suggested an update of the glTF version to version 2)
  • Apparently it seems to work for the web version of Cesium, just not for Unreal

I know this may be difficult to answer w/o being able to test it, but it would be much appreciated if anybody has gotten an error like this before and would like to share how they approached it.