Cesium add on For UE5 Import URL JSON Failed to load Errorlist.72

I am trying to use the add on for UE5 and got most of it all working pretty good. I followed this tutorial: Cesium for Unreal - Tutorial Video - YouTube
which is awesome but once it goes to load the actually 3D model data it has an error Failed to load blah blah blah (Images attached). Anyone got any ideas or had a similar issue happen to them before?

Screenshot 2023-03-15 010301

Thanks, much appreciated

That tileset unfortunately uses glTF version 1 to represent the model, and that is not supported by Cesium for Unreal. glTF v1 was part of some very early pre-release versions of 3D Tiles, but by the time the spec was official, only glTF v2 was allowed. In other words, this is a very old tileset using a pre-release and outdated version of 3D Tiles.

Ahh right, Thanks anyway. On a separate note, is there a way I can download 3D tiles as like a object file or something?

Cesium ion allows users to download their tilesets in a ZIP file. But that tileset you mentioned above isn’t coming from Cesium ion, so I’m not sure if it’s available in that form. You might try contacting the NSW Digital Twin developers:

(it just so happens that I used to work with them!)

Thanks! I’ll contact them. That was kind of the reason I was trying to view the tileset in unreal because I wanted to save it locally and wasn’t able to download it. Hopefully they’ll respond with a way to do so.