Load local 3dtiles error

LogCesium: Error: [2022-04-12 11:09:41.653] [error] [GltfContent.cpp:97] Failed resolving external glTF buffers from file:///D:/cesium_data/hk/hk/Tile_227_237/Tile_+227_+237_L6_000221.b3dm:

  • Image not of any known type, or corrupt
  • Declared image MIME Type: image/crn

Hi @BUPTLdy,

Can you share more information about the tileset you are trying to use? What tools did you use to generate the tileset?

Additionally, please try uploading the tileset to Cesium ion - let me know if it uploads and appears correctly.


upload to Cesium ion also incorectly

The picture below is a screenshot of the display loaded from cesium unreal, only the model, no texture map

and the 3dtiles data was downloaded form https://www.pland.gov.hk/pland_tc/info_serv/3D_models/download.htm