Have problems of loading 3dtiles from Cesium ion

1 have successfully upload my model on cesium ion like this.

But when l load my model on UE4, it shows me the errors.

Please help me fix this problem~

Hi @AtomQu,

It looks like you might have something in the “url” field of your Cesium3DTileset Actor. When you’re loading assets from Cesium ion, that field should be blank.


l didnt fill in the url. If l add the correct model on Cesium ion, l could get the snapshot of the model on the Cesium ion,right? l see the models like New York City 3D Buildings. But my model didnt show up.

So maybe my model got the wrong format?
It should look like this.

And if l open my model offline by UE4. l follow the suggestion and fill in the url and have the problems.

Hi @AtomQu

For offline model, your url seems to use the backslash which is invalid for file url. It should use forward slash even with window. For example, if your tileset.json is in C:\Documents\Profile\3DTiles\tileset.json, the url should be file:///C:/Documents/Profile/3DTiles/tileset.json

The same problem

Hi @AtomQu,

If possible can you please share the asset ID from Ion for testing purposes? We would like to work with your data directly to look into the issue further. You can email the asset to support@cesium.com if it can’t be disclosed to the public

l have emailed(Asset ID 425591), looking forward to your reply.