The 3DTileset is loaded incorrectly


I ran into a problem when uploading data to Ion. I have a 3DTileset, that I made in Agisoft Metashape, and after loading they are displayed incorrectly - the result of visualization in the picture.

The tiles seem to be partially loaded, and after trying to get closer, they disappear. What could be the reason? I assumed that the problem may be in relative urls in json, but in the first approximation - they are correct.

Id of my set - 1455026


It looks like this data was pre-tiled by Agisoft Metashape as you mentioned. Since this was tiled by another software, you may need to reach out to Metashape to have them check this.

Metashape also has a Cesium ion integration that will allow you to upload an OBJ to Cesium ion for tiling. We will be able to look into that if it produces the same results.