3D Tiles cannot be tiled correctly

3DTiles uploaded in Cesium stories cannot be tiled properly.

How do I upload this file?

Hi @llv, welcome to the forum. I see that there is an issue with the 3D Tiles. Was the source data tiled using Cesium’s tilers or by some other software? Do you have access to the source data? If you do, sending it to us would be the easiest way for us to investigate this internally.

Hi @Matt_Boyd-Surka, the 3DTiles file cannot be published, so I’ve sent the file to @Dave_Braig.

Hi, @Matt_Boyd-Surka, did you find out why you couldn’t upload?
I can’t upload the file here, but I can tell you the asset ID. The asset ID is 670590.
Thank you.


Thank you for the asset ID. I see the problem you have observed with the 3D Tiles. Can you please tell me how these 3D Tiles were generated from the source data? Was there originally a LAS file, a 3D model, or another type of source data that was run through Cesium’s tilers? Or was the data tiled using some other software? This information will help me understand the problem.


Hi @Matt_Boyd-Surka ,thank you for your reply. It seems to be 3D Tiles data generated from a las or Tiff file using TOPCON’s MAGNET.

Hi @llv,

Thanks for providing the data. I took a look at it, and I’ve confirmed that it tiles correctly using Cesium’s tilers. This indicates that the source data is valid and there are no issues with it.

The problem, then, appears to be in the tilers used to generate the output tileset (TOPCON’s MAGNET). In a situation like this, we typically recommend two steps to users:

  1. Contact the software provider that makes the tiler. TOPCON will be much more well-equipped to troubleshoot this than us, since it appears that the tiler is the issue.
  2. Consider using Cesium’s tilers for the data instead. You can do this by uploading your source data directly to ion. This can at least serve as a test of file validity for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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