Problems with loading local 3dtiles models


Can we load the local 3dtiles data through the Cesium for UE4 plugin?

How to load the local data?



first you need to add an empty tileset
then change the “url” of this empty tileset
in the last you will find the rotation of model is wrong (sad)

YEP, IT’S SO SAD. :frowning_face:

How to add an empty tileset?



Hello, what data should be filled in this URL?
Looking forward to your reply

I’m not sure. Maybe…3dfiles

Hi @leielyq,

The URL field can be filled with file url to load 3D Tiles. For example, if your tileset is in the directory C:\Users\ProfileName\Documents\3DTiles\tileset.json, the URL field for the Unreal Cesium3DTileset actor should be file:///C:/Users/ProfileName/Documents/3DTiles/tileset.json. The 3 slashes at the beginning means the plugin will load the tile from the localhost and please make sure to use forward slash for file url even on window. Please let me know if it helps


ex " ///E:\GIS\3dtile\Tile_+049_+014\Tile_+049_+014.json " ? Still not visible 3dtile model

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this Tutorials is awesome

Hi @dacong, file url requires forward slash even in window. So your url should be “file:///E:/GIS/3dtile/Tile_+049_+014/Tile_+049_+014.json”. Please let me know if it helps


I see

Thank you very much. :cowboy_hat_face:

in my editor , it looks like this

and in web, it works well

The issue of the model being rotated is discussed in Unreal load 3dtileset not by ion looks wrong (rotation) in more detail.

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I have modified the path of my model, but the model is still cannot be loaded from my local folder. My folder consists of the many data folders and a “tileset.json” file. In the each data folder, it also consists of many “.b3dm” files and two “json” files, which are “tileset.json” and “foldername.json”.But what I can see is just the outline of the building rather than the building themselves.

Hi @Kelearnliu,

There maybe some other underlying issue with the asset. You can see if there are any errors with the asset by going to Window top menu → Developer Tools → Output Log. Please let me know if there are error printed in the log so that I can take a look


I find the way to solve it! maybe the path of my data is too long. I copy the data to disk
D and then I can load it. thanks for your time~

I am having issues with the following. I exported this data from Reality Capture to LOD format json.
LogCesium: Error: [2021-05-26 10:29:57.213] [error] [GltfContent.cpp:30] Failed to load binary glTF from file:///D:/BR1031/RC_BR1031_01/Geometry/lod3_11.b3dm:

  • glTF JSON parsing error at byte offset 5749: Parsing was terminated.

Can anyone help with this issue?