Unreal load 3dtileset not by ion looks wrong (rotation)

it is so glad to see the cesium for unreal . i use the cesium for unreal samples and add 3dtileset on ion successfully. so i want to load my own 3dtileset . i add blank Cesium3DTileset and change the url and the CesiumGeoreference-1’s origin Placement .the 3dtileset look weird。

this is the correct 3dtileset .

here is the 3dtileset that i use


I got the same question
and i can’t rotate the tileset to right position because of the big number in WGS 84
( set x = - 90 doesn’t work)

Same question, we need Help!

Same question, we need Help!

Hi @landsatliu,

The attached 3D Tileset uses the legacy gltfUpAxis flag in the tileset.json. This is no longer valid in the 3D Tiles specification. All glTF models in the a 3D tileset should be Y-up. You should open a request with the software tool that they should produce spec-compliant 3D Tilesets. To work around that, the tileset can be upgraded with our 3d-tiles-validator's upgrade tool

hi @BaoTran
I upgraded 3DTiles,but the problem still exists

I use the same tileset url in CesiumJs and Unreal Cesium plugin
it’s all right in my web app with cesiumjs
but in unreal it’s y-up

i use the tool and upgrade the 3dtileset, but the ue can not load glb .the error is

what’s wrong?

Each of the Tile_+000_+000… subdirectories contains a tileset.json. The 3d-tiles-validator cannot handle this. So the tileset.json files in the subdirectories have to be deleted. (You have to keep the tileset.json in the main directory, though).

But as landsatliu mentioned above: There are some problems with the B3DM files in this data set, and the result will not be rendered correctly. The reason for this is currently investigated.

the tileset.json in the Tile_+** floders do not use ,so you can delete them , and then you can upgrade the 3dtileset successfully.

the same problem.
we need help!!!

need help!!!

True problem in unreal, also looking for solution!

Hi BaoTran I have successfully upgraded. Loading URL before upgrade takes up very little memory, but URL loading and upgrading tile will consume all memory, and it is difficult to display it all. Please help us to solve this problem and look forward to your recovery

Thanks for your recovery ,I have successfully upgraded.

Hi all,

We are currently working on the solution for the problem through this Cesium For Unreal’s PR. Please let me know if you have any questions

Hi @dacong, if possible, can you please share the asset with us? We would like to work directly with the tiles to look into the issue further. You can send the asset to support@cesium.com if it can’t be disclosed to the public