Asset not visible [ mesh 0 primitive 0: Invalid position buffer ]

After combining several files into 3D tiles, you can see them well when you upload them to ION, but they are not visible in Cesium for Unreal.

Would you mind privately sharing with me the asset ID and a token I can use to access it? I’m not sure what’s going wrong there, but I can take a look.


I sent you a message.
Thank you!

Thanks for sending me the details of your tileset. I took a look, and the immediate problem is that your tileset uses two required extensions that are not yet supported by Cesium for Unreal: KHR_techniques_webgl and WEB3D_quantized_attributes.

KHR_techniques_webgl is unlikely to be supported anytime soon as it was never official ratified by Khronos and is likely to be challenging to implement in Unreal because Unreal does not use WebGL.

WEB3D_quantized_attributes is a glTF 1.0 extension, so it’s surprising to see it used here with glTF 2.0. It’s probably nearly accidental that this works in CesiumJS. The preferred modern equivalents would be either KHR_draco_mesh_compression or EXT_meshopt_compression. Draco is currently supported by Cesium for Unreal, and meshopt likely will be in the future.