About add 3D Tileset (Quantized-mesh terrain and Terrain asset)


I’m very confused.

Reference URL : Adding Datasets – Cesium
Reference Information :
" Currently, loading local quantized-mesh terrain files using Cesium for Unreal is not supported. However, terrain assets can be loaded from any server, including localhost . To load terrain assets completely offline, consider setting up a localhost to serve the terrain. The Url field can be filled using the same steps as above with http://localhost:portNumber/terrainAsset ."

Below is my question…

Question 1)
How is the meaning of the “Quantized-mesh terrain and Terrain asset” different?
“Terrain asset” means the data on “Cesium ion”?
“Quantized-mesh terrain” means “GitHub - CesiumGS/quantized-mesh: Specification for streaming massive terrain datasets for 3D visualization.”?
Can’t “Quantized-mesh terrains” be included in “Terrain asset” as a format?

Question 2)
Is “Quantized-mesh terrain” impossible to load from the server(My online server)?

I need your help on this question.
I look forward to your reply.

Hello @ichoi,

The line about loading local quantized-mesh terrain refers specifically to loading those files from disk with the file:/// utility described in the tutorial you’re referencing. I don’t believe the above reference information was intending to differentiate between quantized-mesh terrain and terrain assets - they’re generally the same, as far as I know.

Quantized-mesh terrain/terrain assets can certainly be loaded from your own server, whether that’s online or offline - just not directly from disk without hosting them on a server first.


Hello @agallegos

Thank you for your reply first.

Relationship of “Quantized-mesh terrains and terrains asset” is understood through the answer.
However, online loading has failed. I’ll test it again on my own.