About load caton

On my loaded 2GB size of 3dtiles after, I’m game scene start caton. I’m using local load 3dtiles. I find that CesiumForUnity is not as efficient as CesiumForUnreal in loading. Is this the same with your test results?
I’ll how to optimize load efficient?

How are you measuring? In my experience, they’re reasonably close.

We do have some performance improvements lined up for the next release, though.

After my testing, I found that this is a problem caused by the different processing of 3D tiles data draco data. Assuming that I use the cesium ion to process 3tiles, there will be no stuck issues. When I use the cesium lab tool( http://cesiumlab.com/ )When converting 3dtiles and loading the converted results into the scene, it will get stuck, sometimes displaying errors related to draco loading.When I got stuck, I found that the main thread was blocked. Perhaps the problem lies in the Unity IEnumerator?

I also found that when I converted 3tiles using cesium ion, I checked webp processing, and loading in unity would cause a map loss issue.

And whether I use DasViewer(https://www.daspatial.com/cn/dasviewer) to convert osgb to 3dtiles and load 3dtiles into the Unity scene will cause a normal exception issue. I don’t know whether this is a data processing issue or a code issue with Cesium for Unity.

The above results were discovered by replacing data without changing any configuration.

If you need a 3dtiles file to find a problem, you can give me an email address and I will send it to you. Thank you very much for the support of the Cesium Team for my problem.

The problem with missing WebP textures has already been fixed and will be included in next week’s release.

The errors you’re seeing with the cesiumlab output look like it’s just producing bad data. Despite the abuse of our trademark, cesiumlab isn’t affiliated with Cesium. You should report the problem to them.

I don’t quite understand what problem you’re describing with DasViewer. The data it creates is making Cesium for Unity throw an exception? What exception does it throw? I’ve never used (or even heard of) DasViewer, but I might have a guess about what’s wrong based on the error.

Thank you!

Hi Kevin_Ring, I rebuild 3dtiles, and now there won’t be any errors reported, but there will still be transient pauses similar to program scheduling issues. Let me load the data for you and have a try?

The data is about 800MB. You can send me an email and I will send you the data.