Cesium for Unity Load the point cloud

  1. I have uploaded a point cloud file in LAS format to My Assets, and the point cloud is displayed correctly in the preview panel.

  2. I loaded this point cloud data into Unity3D, but the point cloud is displayed incorrectly. I’m not sure where the problem lies.

Hi @ljwxhkj,

That’s definitely strange behavior. We’ve seen that bug with point clouds tiled with external tilers, but it’s concerning that there’s a bug rendering a dataset from ion.

I have a hunch – do you remember if you tiled the point cloud with Draco compression?

When converting point clouds, I didn’t enable Draco compression.and used other conversion tools,The display is normal in Cesium, but there are display errors in Cesium for Unity.

HI@ janine
I saw on Compressing Massive Point Clouds with 3D Tiles and Draco – Cesium that all uploaded point clouds will go through Draco compression.

This is not necessarily true. There’s an option to disable Draco Compression when you upload a point cloud.

In any case, I initially wondered if Draco Compression could cause errors when being decoded in Cesium for Unity. But I tested with my own point cloud, and it rendered fine with and without Draco.

Are you able to provide the source data for your point cloud? I’d need to investigate further.

This is the point cloud I’m using. Thank you very much for your help.
gt-alltower.zip (16.8 MB)

Hi @ljwxhkj,

Sorry for the delayed response, I was out.

Are you sure you sent me the correct file? I tried to tile it just now and this is what I see in the viewport:

Of course, if it is the right file then I’ll have to coordinate with our other teams what went wrong. But I would appreciate if you double checked.

“This display is correct, but it doesn’t show correctly in Unity. I tried other conversion tools developed by others, which showed normally in Unity. I feel like the problem should be with the Unity plugin.”

So the screenshot I showed from Cesium ion is correct? Can you tell me where I should set the tileset location so I can visualize it in Unity?