Pnts 3D Tiles lower rendering performance with draco


I’ve been experimenting with point clouds and 3D Tiles. This question is specifically related to the draco compression feature. I have uploaded the identical point cloud to Cesium ion twice and tiled it once with draco enabled and once with draco disabled. As expected, the total size of the tileset was considerably smaller with draco enabled.

However, as soon as I tried actually rendering the two tilesets I noticed that the FPS rate for the draco compressed tileset is considerably lower (9 FPS) than the non-draco version (18 FPS) on my weak Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card. This framerate was measured as soon as the initial view of the tileset had finished rendering and there was no interaction with the viewer. I expected some performance penalty while the tiles are loading due to the additional draco decompression, but I found it strange that the performance is so much lower even when all required tiles have finished loading. Am I missing something here? Do you have an idea what the reason for this is?

Thanks for your reply!