How to uncompress 3dtiles with draco

Hi Cesium Team,
I have read the article about cesium with draco by you( Draco Compressed Meshes with glTF and 3D Tiles).But I can’t find any information about cesium loading 3dtiles compressed by draco.There is most information about Three and gltf.
I want to know if cesium support 3dtiles with draco.And where can I find the tutorial and sample,if it is.
Please help me.
Thank you

Hi @unseeu

CesiumJS supports loading 3D Tiles that use Draco compression. The method to load it would be similar to loading any other tileset, like in this Sandcastle. The user does not need to do anything extra to enable loading of Draco compressed tilesets.

Hope this helps,

Think you for your reply,@Sam.
In fact,I have load the compressed data without extra handling.It is like this:

The data without draco like this:

So I think it is associated with draco,may be it’s wrong.But I can’t find any other make the result.Could you have any suggest?
Thank you again.

Thanks for sharing the extra information @unseeu. Would you be able to post a Sandcastle with this data? This to me looks like it could be a bug with the data or within CesiumJS. Having access to the data will help us narrow down to the root cause.

I should obtain consent for the data from my boss .If he consent,I can post the data.
Thanks for your enthusiastic and devotion.