Draco Meshes with 3D Tiles

How can I figure out why a mesh compressed with Draco isn't visible in Cesium 3D Tiles?

My process: Export the object as embedded gltf, convert it with gltf-pipeline into a gltf with option -d, convert it into glb with gltf-pipeline and convert it into b3dm with the converter of 3d-tiles-tools.
In the gltf-Viewer the compressed object is visible, but after I converted it into a b3dm and included it via 3d tiles, it is loaded (i see it in the browser developer tools) but it won't display in CesiumJS.

I wonder if this is the same issue as described here:


Does your glTF have multiple meshes but they’re not all Draco compressed? It might be worth keeping an eye on that issue to see if Sean makes any progress. If you can share your model that has this issue it might help debug this. Feel free to post here or in that GitHub issue.