About OGC 3D Portrayal Service

As I understand, that is a kind of platform that allows Esri I3S service to be rendered in Cesium and vice versa, 3dtiles in ArcGIS, correct?

I heard about it quite long time ago, but nothing since then. Only recently our client may have inclination to that, so we did a little research.

Still found nothing, even the demo link in the OGC doc(http://docs.opengeospatial.org/per/17-046.html) is no longer available.

So is there anyone of the Cesium team familiar with this?

In the link above I do remember have seen a demo of I3S in Cesium, any ideas of how does it work would be great help.

Thank you

There aren’t any demos of i3s in Cesium that I’m aware of - although if anyone in the community has any links I’d be curious to see it.

Do you have a use case that 3D Tiles doesn’t do well?

Hello Omar,

Just in that OGC doc, it’s really long, some 82 pages on A4 paper if printed out, but worth reading.

and a youtube video,to show what that links used to look like


also in that doc.

And no, 3dtiles is very good, sorry if you feel that way. It’s just our client have lots of pre-made models that already in I3S format. and we are trying to explore the interoperability of it.

Thank you.

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